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Easy, Do-It-Yourself Manicure

Putting makeup on or dressing up for an unique event is extremely simple, particularly after the pointers that we’ve been providing you recently, however has it ever occurred to you that when you’re all dressed up, some damaged or terribly manicured nails destroy your image? That’s why in this post we’re sending you the finest ideas to do your own manicure at house and constantly have flawless hands.


Set a day of the week to commit a couple of minutes to your hands. For me, for example, I understand that Sundays are my day of “appeal at house”; I take benefit of the day to take care of my hands, use a facial masque and then repair my hair. I set apart some hours every week to devote them to me.


To do your very own manicure in the house, you do not require a lot more than the following tools:

– Emery board:
I likewise utilize them to eliminate nail polish from around the fingers when I unintentionally paint outdoors my fingernail shape. Simply soak the orange stick in nail polish eliminator and rapidly eliminate the edges.

– Nail clipper:
It’s much better to submit your nails to form them, however in some cases it’s essential to cut them to equivalent lengths. Utilize a nail clipper instead of scissors.

– File or emery board:
The finest ones are made of cardboard. There are some files that are more powerful on one side than on the other.

– Nail buffer and polisher:
Generally files have one side to submit the nail and another to offer it shine. Get a nail buffer and polisher if it’s not the case with yours. If they’re peeling, these smooth out your nails.

– Transparent treatment nail polish:
If your nails are constantly breaking, you require a nail hardener, of if they’re dry, you require a moisturizing treatment. This nail polish likewise serves as a transparent nail polish when you do not feel like painting them.

– Cuticle oil:
This is among the very best purchases you can make to have flawless hands. These oils hydrate the cuticle and soften. You can avoid this action by utilizing this item if you are not extremely excellent at cutting your cuticles.

– Colored nail polish:
If you have an unique supper, paint your nails a wine red. It looks extremely good, specifically if your nails aren’t too long. If you feel like including a touch of color and enjoyable, paint your nails a dark pink.

– Protective/strengthening polish:
This structure will assist your colored nail polish to last longer and will likewise include a good shine to your polish.

– Exfoliating cream:
Mix together well and use to your hands, rubbing them carefully. Do not forget the fingers and the nails. Your hands will feel soft and like brand-new!

– Hydrating hand cream:
Purchase an excellent moisturizer for your hands, one that adjusts to your requirements. If your hands split quickly or you have dark areas … purchase exactly what you require.

– Nail polish cleaner:

The ones that are particularly excellent are those that do not include acetone, as this is lots of and really aggressive individuals dislike it.


Follow these actions to look after your hands quickly and rapidly.

1. Get rid of all nail polish from your nails.

2. Cut your nails to an equivalent length.

3. Submit your nails and utilize the buffer to leave them smooth.

Utilize the orange stick to remove any remaining dirt and to gently get rid of the cuticles (I do not suggest cutting the cuticles at house, as I believe this is extremely challenging and a task finest left to specialists. If not, simply attempt to soften them with cuticle oil.).

Exfoliate your hands. Follow the suggestions we provided you formerly.

Dry your hands well. If you have actually exfoliated your hands with olive oil and you do not dry your hands off well, particularly the nails, the nail polish will not last long.

Paint your nails. Follow this order: treatment structure, colored nail polish, another coat of colored nail polish, and protective/strengthening nail polish.

Hydrate your hands. And as soon as at least an hour has actually gone by (yes, one hour– if not, after all the effort, your nails will be right away destroyed when you use the moisturizer), hydrate your hands thoroughly.


– Paint your fingernails while you view TELEVISION or pay attention to music or check out a publication. Spend some time to unwind, and benefit from it while the polish dries.

– You can follow the bulk of these actions on your feet. The exfoliating cream is terrific for your feet …

– Once a month, cover your hands in a moisturizing face masque and place on some cotton gloves. Sleep in them, and the next day your hands will seem like brand-new.

– Do this manicure every 2 months. It’s an enjoyable high-end, which method your hands will require much less care, particularly the cuticles.

– Whenever a cuticle breaks down, use oil on it. You will see how upon hydrating it, it will right away soften and will not trouble you.

– Keep in mind: Our hands are a fundamental part of our individual image. Do not overlook them!

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